Mindfulness and Stress Seminar

Mindfulness and Stress Seminar
Date: Thursday, 4th May to Thursday, 4th May 2017

Time: 7:00 - 9:00pm
Location: The Franklin Centre, Pukekohe
Cost: Tickets $20 in advance or $25 on the door

Want to Raise your results and lower your stress?

In our fast paced and overloaded world most people want to create better results in both their business and personal life but not at the cost of increasing their stress levels. Many are reporting that their stress is at an all-time high (as reflected in our society with the rise in depression and anxiety rates).

The traditional stress management techniques like increasing exercise or improving diet have their limits and many people are already using those ideas to the max. So is there a solution that can actually deliver better results with less stress?
Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that Mindfulness helps us increase our resourcefulness, productivity, creativity and resilience whilst teaching us to stop making stress.

Through a simple, scientifically proven process, mindfulness helps us to quieten our minds, find our own inner compass and stop taking that little voice in our head so seriously. The approach is now being used by high achievers all over the world to help them achieve more but with less stress.

MINDFULNESS helps us to:
• Develop sustained attention
• Find our sweet spot
• Reduce fear to become relaxed, focused and at ease in all situations
• Make quicker, better decisions
• Stay poised under pressure
• Develop better health and wellbeing
• Improve connection and collaboration
• Reduce feelings of anxiety & depression

Johns background is Sports Psychology but he has worked (speaking, training and coaching) mainly with business people for the last 25+ years

For full details and tickets visit www.johnshack.com/m-s or call 09 294 8570

Link: www.johnshack.com