Date: Saturday, 15th September 2018

Time: 9am
Location: Parade down King St, Pukekohe

On Sept 15th 2018 Franklin will be celebrating 125 years of NZ women being able to vote. A life-changing event for many people and worth celebrating in style. There will be a parade down King St with paraders holding placards and banners honouring women, past and present, or demonstrating the changes in industries over the past 125 years, or showcasing developments in uniforms or other things relevant to the past 125 years, such as clothing styles, hairstyles etc.

The parade will end at the Town Hall where white doves will be released, a speech will be made and there will be an exhibition in Franklin, The Centre, for organisations to showcase what they offer the people of Franklin (these could be Stamp Club, Cadets, Rural Women, Chess Club Sea Scouts, book clubs, etc). Alongside this, there will be a multicultural High Tea in the Town Hall.

This brings me to the point of this message which is to find out if anyone knows of a source of pretty teacups and saucers (cheap or free) which can be used for the High Tea. These should not be special heirlooms as breakages happen and we do not want to comfort or compensate any distraught owners, so it is all care but no responsibility.

A lot of the Franklinites will already know about the Suffrage event however if you want to know more or are interested in being part of this event please request to join the FB group ‘Kiwi Women Leading the World - Suffrage 125 (Franklin)’.