MIT Students for Work Experience

MIT Students for Work Experience

Auckland Businesses ‐ Do you have a wish list? Lots of ideas/lots to do and not enough time……
MIT can help you!

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) are giving Auckland businesses a unique opportunity to have their Level 7 Bachelor of Applied Management/Graduate Diploma final year students on a student industry work placement for a period of 14-17 weeks.

This is a UN PAID ROLE and students can work on a project to assist the businesses in the following areas:
• Accounting
• Human Resources
• Sales & Marketing
• Project Management
• Operations/Production Management
• Strategic Management
• Communications Management

Other programs that also require placements are:
• Bachelor of ICT: Software Development, Networking, Web Based, Data Analytics
• Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management: Reservation, concierge, front desk, customer service and any other tourism‐hotel‐hospitality related industries.
• Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management: Students can do a range of duties in hospitality and catering businesses, menu design and engineering, front office services, operate food & beverage outlet, manage various types of accommodation and hospitality enterprises.

Their students can work in your business for 14 ‐ 17 Weeks (2 ‐ 3 days per week). You can engage more than one student for your business depending on the varied projects/work that you need help with.

They will have MIT academic staff mentoring the students throughout the project placement. Currently, they are recruiting businesses for placements commencing End‐February, Mid‐May, Early August and Mid October each year.

Please see attached files for Placement Application Form and Placement Timelines.

For further information, please contact Anita Keestra on 09 975 4659 or 021 484762 and on email