Youth Connections- YouthFull

Youth Connections- YouthFull

How often have you thought or said...there must be someone somewhere out there who is eager to prove themselves, will arrive on time, will listen & is ready to learn?

YouthFull have amazing young people wanting to do just that, waiting for an opportunity to move into the workforce.

YouthFull is a fully funded digital platform that connects both employers with vacancies and youth seeking entry level roles.
• YouthFull has all of the tools a first time job seeker needs to be successful in their job search such work readiness courses, CV making tips and tricks and consistent feedback in a supportive online environment.
• YouthFull gives you the ability to access young people who have already demonstrated that they are work ready by putting in the time and effort to engage with work readiness courses and create a detailed online profile.
• The YouthFull platform is constantly being refined to ensure that we match your employment needs with the most suited young person to ensure that you will get the right person for the right role!

If you are interested in how you can build a growing, developing work force that will meet Pukekohe’s Future needs- Contact Carol-Ann Southern on 021 811 763 or for more info.