Join our PBA Security WhatsApp group


In an effort to help safeguard our businesses and their staff, the Pukekohe Business Association is implementing the use of WhatsApp to keep businesses connected.

WhatsApp Messenger is a simple, secure and free app that gives us the ability to create a closed group for business owners where they can share images and receive important information in real-time. There is no cost to send an image or message but the app does require data or a Wi-Fi connection. 

The main objective of using WhatsApp is to enable businesses to quickly alert each other to suspicious or threatening behaviour.

We are pleased to announce that Wayne Paxton and Kelly Cochrane from the Police Communities Team will be added to our WhatsApp PBA Security group. This is so they can be made aware of emerging issues occurring in the town centre, however, businesses will still need to follow the correct channels for reporting crime.

This is not a "chat app" and is only to be used to communicate illegal activity or important messages the business owners should be aware of.  

Remember, any updates posted to this group must be reported to the Police FIRST. If the offending is in process, call 111 immediately. If the crime has already taken place and you wish to report it after the fact, please call 105. 

If you would like to join our WhatsApp group, please email with your name, business you are representing and your cell phone number.

WhatsApp Flow Chart jpeg