Police update from Constable Kelly Cochrane

Report it to Police first

A report from The Pukekohe Community Constable, Kelly COCHRANE


Reporting criminal offending and suspicious behaviour is paramount to Police.  Many people are taking to social media or alternative platforms to report incidents/offending/suspicious behaviour. Please consider Police as your first point of contact.

I spoke with Sergeant Stephen HODGSON and Senior Constable Leanne MODRICH from the Counties Manukau South Intelligence Unit asking a few questions on this topic.

Q- Why is it important people report crime and offending to the Police?

From an Intelligence perspective, accurate and timely reporting of criminal activity will allow Police to conduct a more accurate analysis of offending patterns. This, in turn, will give Management an informed awareness of offending allowing resources to be effectively deployed. 

Q- When I report my one incident does it really make a difference?

Every crime reported will add value to the overall picture of offending. Also, that one crime may allow Police to identify a suspect who may be responsible for similar offending, not only in that area but across other areas.

Q- What happens with the information after I make my report?

Aside from the investigation element after the report is made, the Intelligence unit is able to identify trends and risks through analysis that may not only identify locations offenders are attracted to, but also commodities and ultimately an understanding as to why they are targeted.

Q- Is there anything important about intelligence lead policing that would help me as a retail/store owner? 

Firstly, reporting the incident will ensure we have a good understanding of the criminal environment. Timeliness of the report is also important and as well as the accuracy of the information. As mentioned above, the decision-makers being better informed can deploy resources far more effectively making our community a safer place.

Q- When do I call the Police?

NZ Police has introduced a new, easy-to-remember phone number – 105 – for reporting non-emergencies, alternatively you can go online (using 105.police.govt.nz). The 105 non-emergency number is for reporting situations to Police that don’t require immediate police attendance.

111 remains the number to call to report an emergency to Police, Fire and Emergency, or ambulance services.

105 NZ Police