Give it a Whirl- With Designer Flowers

vdsd4For this month’s edition of ‘Give it a Whirl’, we had the pleasure of spending time with Heather and Nicky of Designer Flowers, where Nicky very patiently taught us how to put together our own bouquets!

How hard could it be right? Well, it turns out that a lot of creativity, an eye for detail and ribbon tying skills are needed to achieve a beautiful bouquet worthy of purchase.

We each started with an oasis and decorative paper and our first task was to tie a ribbon around the base – we all eventually received a pass mark! Next, Nicky showed us how to build the foundation of the bouquet with lush greenery. It’s worth noting here that Designer Flowers doesn’t waste anything – all extra/unused greenery is kept and utilised.

We were then taught how to attach and wrap a thin wire to the flowers so they stayed tall and upright in the oasis. After careful placement of the flowers as per Nicky’s example, we then made finishing touches by filling any remaining gaps with more fir and left-over leaves.

We were pretty happy with our efforts, however, we have a new appreciation for our local florists and the beautiful bouquets they create on a daily basis.

Nicky and Heather have over 40 years experience between them and a have a simple motto; “we will provide the very best fresh quality flowers available, and deliver them for you." Make sure to visit their new store at 7 Wrightson Way, Pukekohe.