Osteopathy Pukekohe

Osteopathy Pukekohe is a patient-centred, healthcare provider. They offer spacious, air conditioned treatment rooms and your osteopath will tailor an individual treatment to suit you. Treatment focuses on health and well-being, using osteopathic techniques that break down the barriers preventing tissues from functioning optimally and healing themselves post injury. Osteopaths treat more than just backs and necks; they are trained to treat joint problems too. Osteopathy Pukekohe also run a specialised Baby clinic. They can assist in a wide variety of conditions or symptoms experienced by babies. The gentle approach of osteopathy makes is particularly suited to babies. A range of non invasive, gentle, techniques are adopted which can involve treating the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) the organs and the joints, including joint manipulation. \'Treatment\' also includes advice and exercises to maintain the state of balance and strengthen weakened areas to prevent a recurrence.

Osteopathy Pukekohe


Way of Life Health Shop, 66-68 Edinburgh Street, Pukekohe,


09 238 7806