Rite Track NZ Ltd- Prevention of loss practitioners

Ritetrack NZ Ltd is about the understanding risk to increase Capital growth in your business. “By understanding FEAR there is nothing to FEAR except FEAR itself.” Once we understand risk we have nothing to fear unless the risk is beyond our control. Ritetrack NZ Ltd is owned by John F Barley. John is a compassionate capitalist; NOW is the time for compassion in the business environment. Compassion provides the fuel to drive the capital of any business towards growth in 6 zones of business. Understanding of risks – both known and unknown will permit the company /entity to prevent losses and claims that occur during the course of the year (excluding Acts of God). Resulting in higher bottom line profits, resiliency, and not being so dependent upon insurance for its losses. Ritetrack NZ Ltd is about growth of business from 1) compassion 2) resilience 3)optimization of an entities resources. It is understanding of the mix of these ingredients which makes all the difference between success and failure of businesses. Ritetrack NZ Ltd adds value to a business by understanding risk and patterns that exist in any business. Understanding the value of your people. How they can be engaged with to be a valuable resource and enhance the growth of business. Ritetrack NZ Ltd is 7 years old. 7 is a powerful number. In music is defines the change in the musical score. 7 is about change. Ritetrack NZ Ltd is here to help guide and change the fortunes of business. Helping business owners understand not only the known risks but also the unknown risks that exist in business. Phone John on 0272893162 for a chat over coffee about your business and experience a refreshing approach to your business risks. Its not about selling insurance

Rite Track NZ Ltd- Prevention of loss practitioners


2 George Cresent, Buckland


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