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What We Do.... At KFS we do not believe in a blanket approach to finance, in particular, the funding of projects. We believe in understanding developments individually and providing a tailored solution to meet the needs of our clients, as the sourcing and strategy with regards to finance is absolutely critical. KFS provides an end-to-end development service, primarily specializing in the funding aspect. We have a vast network to source funding from, ranging from an on-shore main bank (Prime Lending) through to off-shore private capital (Sub-Prime). KFS has been involved with developments all across New Zealand and in Queensland, Australia. Our professional and innovative view of funding strategy and structure has helped provide a \"Yes\" to our clients, where many with a traditional approach have found a \"No!\" Services Funding Arrangement Joint-Venture Arrangement Feasibility Study Funding Structure Internal Project Management Operational Budget Exit Strategy

KFS Consulting


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