Business Plus One

Business Plus One Limited was established in December 2010 to reinvigorate our passion for assisting business people, and to add some balance to family life.

We specialise in working with business owners directly, getting to know them and their families to really make sure we know how they tick and their aspirations for the business and themselves. Armed with this knowledge we can ensure we are truly providing solutions that are fit for purpose and both the business and family goals are achieved.

We are based in in the Franklin Region and call this our home, but are servicing businesses nationally and internationally. We all operate comfortably at the farm paddock or in the corporate boardroom and our down to earth manner makes it easy to communicate.

Our enthusiasm for our work means you are provided with a friendly professional team who are eager to use their expertise to help you succeed. 

We operate in three main areas:

Our Compliance Focus which takes away the stress of the business statutory obligations to allow you to focus on business activity. We are able to complete your obligations for you or support you and your team to do this yourself. The compliance division can handle all tax and statutory obligations of business including Income Tax, GST, and Payroll as well as provide bureau services if required.

Our Business Advisory Focus assists Business Owners, Trustees and/or CEO\'s to make critical decisions with the assistance of experienced business professionals. We work on a project by project basis to ensure results and outcomes are consistent with our understanding of the owners business and personal goals. We do this via our deeper understanding of your business and family position and by using our networks to assist with achieving the results.

Our Family Focus ensures your ownership in the business and other family assets are structured correctly and achieve the outcomes required by the family. We do this by reviewing existing documentation such as Trust Deeds, Wills, Corporate and Other Business Structures, Insurance Cover and provide a comprehensive outline of our recommendations. If required we liaise with your legal team and bankers to amend and once they are working properly we maintain these structures to keep them healthy and working for you 


  • Business Structure and Finance 
  • Systems and Compliance 
  • Risk and Insurance 
  • Family and Business Integration
  • Profitability and Performance
  • Industries
  •  Agriculture
  •  Construction
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Professional Services
  •  Sport and Recreation

Business Plus One


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120 King Street,


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