Hot Yoga Asylimb

Hot Yoga Asylimb is a boutique yoga studio in Pukekohe. It is a place for beginners, right through to the experienced student, to safely and quickly gain the many benefits that hot yoga can provide. These include detoxification, de-stressing, weight control, increased fitness, flexibility, balance, patience, stamina, focus, strength, and overall well-being.

We teach 3 very different, but complimentary styles of yoga – Mukti, Yin & Flow. In each class our trained and certified teachers guide students through a specific series of postures designed to balance and improve the health of the entire body. Hot Yoga Asylimb can also deliver tailored Hot Yoga classes, our trained and certified teachers will discuss with you your group’s particular needs and ensure the duration, temperature and intensity are right for you. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

Our focus is to provide a studio where our students can learn and improve at their own pace, while focusing on their own specific goals in a relaxed and supportive environment. We welcome Men and Women of all ages and abilities, and are proud to have a huge cross section of students, 95% of whom had never practiced yoga before.

Hot Yoga Asylimb


2F Glasgow Road


09 239 2423