Pukekohe Car Valet Services Ltd

Filth, grime, mud, even dog hair - no cleaning challenge is too great for the team at Pukekohe Car Valet Services. Whether your car, boat or ute needs a light spruce up or a heavy duty complete valet, it\'s no problem to them. Services range from an exterior wash and interior vacuum to a full valet, which includes exterior washing and polishing, motor degreasing, and interior shampoo - including the glove box and boot. Additional services include conditioning of leather upholstery, protection treatment of fabrics, and a wonderful exterior treatment which gives a deep, long lasting shine and protects the paintwork for a year. In our high stud premises we can valet anything from horse floats or trucks to child\'s scooters and lawn mowers, and we will clean even seriously dirty vehicles like farm trailers or off-road four wheel drives. And if you\'re planning your wedding, don\'t forget to give Car Valet Services a call. They can valet and dress your car, and store it overnight ready for the big day. Car Valet Services are open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday & 9am to 1pm Saturday.

Pukekohe Car Valet Services Ltd


46 Adams Drive, Pukekohe,


09 238 5487