Pukekohe Early Learning Centre

Pukekohe Early Learning Centre

Opening hours Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm excluding public holidays. All meals provided.

Centre Philosophy

At Pukekohe Early Learning Centre we are passionate about working with caring for and teaching children. We believe that every child "is unique and should have the opportunity to develop and grow" whilst also bringing "something special to the world"

"We recognise that parents fulfil the important role of primary caregiver and first educator to their child and endeavour to make whanau and family feel welcome and part of the centre"

Within the learning environment "we value individuality" and "present opportunities for children to extend their skills, knowledge and attitude by providing support, guidance and facilitating them within their play". We also believe that the learning environment "should support risk-taking" whilst also being "safe, fun and full of love".

As a teaching team, we believe that between us we should create a culture where "we learn from each other" and "support each other" through "kindness, respect and positivity".

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