Latest Submissions

Listed below are some of the plans and bylaws relevant to businesses that we are currently developing a submission for. Please let us know your thoughts on them and we will be sure to include them in our submission.

You can visit for ALL items Auckland Council is currently consulting on.

Current Submissions Underway

Auckland Council's Annual Budget 2017/2018

Click here to read the Pukekohe Business Association's draft submission on the Auckland Council's Annual Plan.

Options for one sentence Auckland Annual Plan Feedback;

  • We/I support the Pukekohe Business Association’s submission on the Auckland Annual Plan. #AklBudget
  • We oppose halting the business differential drop. #AklBudget
  • We oppose the targeted rate on accommodation providers to fund tourism promotion and major events. #AklBudget

Please feel free to copy and paste the sentence/s above to the
Auckland Council Facebook Page as your submission on the annual plan.


  • Auckland Unitary Plan: The Auckland Unitary plan is now in place. For more information head over to the council website
  • Public Transport and Roading infrastructure: Auckland is currently undergoing some significant transport infrastructure changes. To find out more visit