Pukekohe High School

The history of Pukekohe High School is characterised by a focus on academic achievement and personal excellence, and this focus continues today. The school’s priority is to continually seek improvements in levels of academic achievement and to ensure that this achievement is equally shared by all groups of students. With this comes a focus on quality teaching and learning and the delivery of a secondary school curriculum which offers a wide subject choice and the opportunity to achieve success for all students. Pukekohe High School offers students a wide range of co-curricular activities which are essential to developing personal skills of collegiality, competitiveness and excellence. Pukekohe High School is a high performer in sporting and cultural pursuits. Students are at the centre of what they do and their goal is to provide them with an environment that is secure, rewarding and stimulating.

Pukekohe High School


14 Harris Street, Pukekohe,


09 238 6089