Streetwise Coffee Pukekohe

We pride ourselves in making exceptional coffee, day in and day out.

Every one of our baristas has had expert training so if you want a ristretto or macchiato you won’t get a blank stare.

To complement our values, we are proud to be collaborating with the best companies, including Havana Coffee Works, The Crafted & Co and RecycleMe™. We are proud to be the FIRST in New Zealand and Australia to adopt the use of a new generation of cups. Thanks to an innovative mineral-based lining and a dedicated recycle programme called RecycleMe™, we are now able to guarantee that all our cups, returned to our bins, will get recycled and transformed into new products up to 7 times! 

We're open as early as 5.30 am, 7 days a week.

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Streetwise Coffee Pukekohe


149-157 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe,


027 465 2521


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