The FIXicians

We cater all the needs of our customers when it comes to the maintenance, repair and retail of their portable devices. Mobile phones have been a converged device for a long time. It is a single gadget that can carry out the specialized functions of two or more other devices.

With the advent of IPhone and Mac Books, maintenance of these devices has become so vital. Thus, our services include inspection, rebuilding, alteration and the supply of spare parts, accessories, raw materials, adhesives, sealants, coatings etc. We are reliable and trustworthy. We fix broken screens, Smashed Glasses, Dead batteries, Microphone repairs, Charging ports, speaker and other home key issues.

We also sell new and ex-leased Smartphones, Computers, Laptops and accessories. Best Quality at Best Prices. Please visit us at 25 King Street, Pukekohe 2120 or Call us on 09-2387212


The FIXicians


25 King Street, Pukekohe, 2120