White Rose Cars

At White Rose Cars we value getting you from A to B. Whether you need a lift down to get the groceries or need someone to take the kids to rugby, White Rose Cars has a team of experienced, professional, friendly drivers who will take you where you need to go any day, any time, anywhere!

We're Franklin's local taxi service. We are comparable, price-wise, to taxis and other forms of transport but the difference is in the personalised service and care you will receive from us. White Rose Cars is classified as Private Hire. This means we quote a price and you will know exactly what it will cost before you book the trip, not after you arrive. We have to be booked in advance, but this does mean we are very punctual and reliable. Booked in advance can be a few minutes notice, so if we can fit you in at short notice we will.

We have a range of great taxi services for you, including: Shuttle Transport for groups; Direct Airport Transfers; Private Transport; After School Pick-up; Day Tours; Safe transport for Parties & Special Events. White Rose Cars can help! We even provide the correct car seats at no charge. White Rose Cars is ACC approved and carry ACC claimants at no cost to the claimant. The vendor number to quote to your Case Manager if you would like to use our service is VAD838 - White Rose Cars. Since starting our business, we have built up a reputation of being honest, reliable, friendly and caring transport providers.

White Rose Cars


Available throughout Franklin,


09 238 9728 OR 021 10 20 678