Vape Merchant

Vape Merchant 18A King Street, Pukekohe phone 09 2382286 Offering quality devices, craft liquids and expert advice, our aim is to offer an enjoyable, satisfying vaping experience, irrespective of age, experience or taste. Our Pukekohe Store Manager Darryl Ives has a very personable manner and a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things Vape. For smokers, the expectation of something tasting exactly like tobacco is not what you will get with vaping as the heat-not-burn technology removes unwanted smells and tastes attributed to tar and ash produced in conventional cigarettes. With vaping, it’s not the same but considerably healthier and cheaper. For those others, our craft liquids are carefully selected, ensuring they meet EU standards for manufacture and flavour consistency, while our devices are genuine, direct from the manufacturers. At Vape Merchant our quality devices, craft liquids and expert advice stand us out from the rest. Vape with confidence.

Vape Merchant


18a King Street, Pukekohe,


09 238 2286