Vibra Train is a full body workout to shape, tone and help lose weight in just 15mins!

To explain briefly how it works: In normal exercise when doing a voluntary movement your brain sends a small electrical impulse via the central nervous system to the muscle – hence you have movement. Vibra-train causes this same impulse however by involuntary movements and at 42 times per second (your muscles can move up to 150 times per second quite safely). This rapid movement causes the body to burn large amounts of calories hence emptying the fat cells of their stored carbohydrates. You use 100% of your muscle fibres therefore burning far more calories than you could during a normal gym session.

Vibra-Train is excellent for:

• Muscle Tone
•Strength Increase
• Weight Loss
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Cellulite reduction
• Increasing Bone Density
• Balancing Hormone Levels
• Injury rehabilitation
• Core strength increase (relieving lower back pain)
• Increasing circulation  & many other benefits our clients share

Open Mon, Wed, Fri 8am-6pm/ Sat 9am-1pm/ Swipe access available



14 Nelson Street, Pukekohe, 2120,


09 238 1951